Blue Lion Salon Studios

The founders and owners of Blue Lion Salons Studios are high school sweethearts and a power couple in the making. Steven and Heather Suchma have been dreaming big since the day they met at 16 years old. Heather Suchma knew cosmetology was her dream at a young age, and started taking courses her junior year of high school. When she graduated high school, she immediately got her cosmetology license and started with a big name salon, specializing in color and being recognized over the years as one of the company’s top performers for her time. After about 7 years with the company, she took a leap of faith and began working for herself in a salon suite environment. 
Out of Highschool, Steven started studying Architecture at the University of Houston. Five years later graduation was nearing, and Steven decided he wasn’t done with his education. He loved designing beautiful spaces, but had discovered a passion for the building process as well. So even before walking across the stage with his Architecture degree, he began the process of getting his Masters Degree in Construction Management. 
Heather, with 10+ years experience working behind the chair, and Steven, with his degree in Architecture and Masters in Construction Management, seem to be destined for greatness in the Salon Suite industry. In 2012, they decided to take a leap of faith and go after their combined vision – to take the Salon Suite industry by storm and create a CULTURE that stylists wanted to be a part of.
The perfect team was born; a hairstylist and a designer, both entrepreneurs at heart with a passion of giving other like-minded people the best opportunity to succeed. Their focus was to create an environment unlike any other salon suite. They felt that beauty professionals deserved a Five-Star Standard. Every detail was carefully planned and executed, focussing on the beauty professionals, their clients, and the needs and desires of both. The result was a luxurious environment, perfectly appointed where beauty professionals are proud to operate their own business and where their clients love to come. You notice the difference as soon as you walk through the doors. There’s a positive energy and an entrepreneurial spirit that flows throughout. The tenants know they are appreciated because the owners and managers go above and beyond what any other salon suite property will do. 
Blue Lion is Heather and Steven’s first baby. The management and tenants are like family to them, and this is just the first step in their dream. Heather and Steven want to see Blue Lion sweep the nation and become an industry standard in the salon suite business, a Five-Star standard of course.
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Friday, April 20, 2018