Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

"Youth have the power to change the world" exclaims Ocean Heroes Bootcamp.

The program, developed by leading international ocean-health NGOs and creative partners, aims to empower the next generation of ocean health leaders. Together, these organizations produce an annual Bootcamp and run the Ocean Heroes Network. Their campaigns are curated to permanently reduce plastic pollution.



At Bootcamp, Ocean Heroes are taken through the nine key pillars of programming to help them be successful campaigners, including: science education, global plastics policies, critical campaigning tools, “artivism”, media literacy, idea incubation & entrepreneurship, articulating impact, peer-to-peer leadership, and effectively communicating with corporations.

Visit them over at www.oceanheroes.blue, or start your own ocean-health website by registering a .BLUE domain today. 

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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 2020