Oceans of Energy

Oceans of Energy is the first renewable energy offshore specialist, we develop and deliver floating systems that generate clean, renewable energy.

We can bring clean energy to coastal- and offshore locations, regardless of weather- and storm conditions which allows for unprecedented opportunities for renewable energy, without space constraints which brings benefits to regions that do not yet have viable Renewable Energy options. 
We can build units and install them at sea, in small arrays or large farms. We can use the space between wind turbines and we can bring large amounts of energy without occupying land, which benefits coastal regions all over the world for the first time, a real option for 100% clean energy, as much energy as you need and regardless of space constraints on the land.
We can create economic ánd environmental value without competing for existing resources which allows for new livelihoods, through employment onshore and environmental synergies
 which benefits local communities with socio-economic impacts and the coastal environment through new breeding grounds.

At Oceans of Energy we foresee that land space is too scarce for renewable energy. We believe the future lies at sea. It is the world’s oceans which offer abundant potential for clean energy. We develop and deliver floating systems that generate clean energy at offshore locations, independent of sea- and wind conditions. 


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Posted on Date:
Thursday, April 26, 2018