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Experience air purification on a whole new level!


.BLUE Makes Waves with Asia’s Blue Ocean Concept

The “Blue Ocean Strategy” is one of the most prominent business theories originating from Asia in recent years.


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Many interesting businesses are getting on the .BLUE domain!


Our wine comes from different Spanish and French vineyards, whose grapes we transform into Gïk.


How Blue Is Your Water?

When you think about water, what comes to mind? Perhaps…


Half of British fear swimming in the sea

MORE than half of Britons are anxious about swimming in the sea because of pollution, new research has found. (Daily Echo)

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.BLUE salutes World Oceans Day

Premium name oceans.blue now live on eve of World Oceans Day 2014


Blue is for Boys?

If you’re building a website to celebrate the birth of a boy, .BLUE is an excellent choice.